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Founded in 1829 at the junction of the Ohio-Erie and Lancaster Lateral Canals, Carroll was the only place in Fairfield County where two canals intersected. The village was named after Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence at that time, and was incorporated in 1858.

Carroll was a booming place during the canal’s heyday of the 1830’s to 1880’s and today we enjoy a quiet atmosphere and friendly residents.

Located along US Hwy 33, Carroll offers easy access to Lancaster and Columbus. Our civic groups are always working to make this a better community and businesses provide for the needs of residents, with opportunities for new businesses available. Our location is perfect for those who want to work in or visit the metropolitan areas of Columbus while living in and enjoying the amenities of a small town. As of 2020, Census states Village of Carroll population at 501.

Carroll is a pleasant village with much to offer. We invite you to stop in anytime!

~ Mayor Preston Barringer
The Village Council of Carroll, Ohio, is considering for adoption Ordinance 2024-04 which reads as follows: An Ordinance to Approve the Application Filed by the Mayor Creating a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in the Village of Carroll, Ohio, and Enacting Regulations, and the Declaration of an Emergency.
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